Questions and Answers


Q         What is this website?

A         This is the WACAMA board of directors website to provide information about David B. Waymer Aeromodeller Flying Field, applying for a Park Pass and associated clubs. We also hope to answer Frequently Asked Questions.


Q         Can I fly at Waymer field without being an AMA Member?

A         Waymer field is a sanctioned AMA site. The AMA  provides safety and uses guidance as well as liability insurance. The only exception to this is if an OFFICIAL Club Instructor is giving instruction or a one-time introductory flight as outlined by the AMA to somebody that is interested in the hobby.


Q         What is the WACAMA Board of Directors?

A           The Board of Directors consists of five full members from the Flying Aces Pilots Association and the Metrolina Control Line Society. Each club has elected two full members each to act as representation on the WACAMA Board of Directors. These officers are nominated, elected, and treated as other elected club officers of the associated clubs. The fifth member will serve as the President and will be selected by the four other board members.


Q         I have a Fuel (Gas) Turbine and/or AMA Turbine Waiver, can I fly it at Waymer field?

A         No, due to restrictions on open flames fuel turbines, as well as pulse jets and model rockets, are strictly prohibited.


Q         Is Waymer field open to the public?

A         Waymer field is open to the public and spectators are very welcome. For insurance and safety reasons visitors are not allowed into any flight area (the area past the fence on the radio control side). If you want to fly, you must be a guest of current Park Pass Holder and have current AMA membership on display. As a Park Pass Guest, you can fly up to three times. Any more than that you should purchase a Park Pass. During this time all AMA members are welcome to visit and fly. Please have your AMA membership on display.


Q         Do I need to display my Park Pass while I fly?

A         Yes, please.


Q         Can I fly my helicopter or quadcopter (quad) at Waymer field?

A         Helicopters and quads are welcome and share the same flight line as R/C fixed-wing aircraft. Due to the AMA safety code and changing FAA rules we ask that a spotter is used when flying FPV.


Q         What are the Gate hours for Waymer field?

A         Waymer field is a gated park. The Opening and Closing of the gate is the responsibility of the Park Pass holders. The gate is usually locked if a Park Pass holder is not present.


Q         Is there night flying at Waymer field?

A         No. There is no lighting in the park and hours for use are dawn to dusk.


Q         Can I cook/ grill at Waymer field.

A         No. No open flames of any kind are allowed. Included are lighters, matches, gas and charcoal grills.


Q         There’s an event at Waymer field, can I camp.


A.        No. Overnight parking or camping are not allowed, Local Police and Park Ranger Patrol for this.