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A set of compiled rules, laws, and guidelines that we are “exposed” to flying model airplanes at Waymer.

A good site for "Drone" laws with some History 

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Safety Rules

      1.   No pitting on the Flight Line Areas. (R/C or control line)

      2.   No spectators in Flight Area – Flyers only - Must Have AMA membership

      3.   No engines started in Shelter Area

      4.   Keep in Frequency Control. (72 or 75MHz R/C)

      5.   Fly from designated flight stations – Not standing near the runway. (R/C)

      6.   The AMA Safety Code applies.


Rules / Regulations

      1.   Flying is permitted only during posted park hours.

2.   Any person who flies on the site must show a current WACAMA park pass plus current Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) membership.  The Park Pass must be displayed.  Visitors may fly up to three visits with AMA card only. Visitors must display AMA card.

      3.   All aircraft, both control line and radio control, powered by an internal combustion engine must be 

           Flown with an effective muffler attached to the engine.


         A.   When flying an aircraft that is used in competition for the following events as defined in the 

              AMA rulebook:

                 A. CL Combat

                 B.  CL Racing

                 C.  CL Speed

                 D.  CL Navy Carrier

                 E.  RC Formula 1 Pylon Racing.

              This exception applies to aircraft being flown in competition.

         B.   Engines of sizes .051 cubic inches and smaller are not required to have a muffler.

         C.   Fuel turbine, pulse jet, Jet-X or rocket-assist are prohibited.

      4.   Airplanes that are landing have the right-of-way over those waiting to take off.  Any airplane 

           that has an in-flight emergency has the right-of-way over all others.

      5.   All non 2.4Ghz (72 and 75MHz) transmitters shall be placed in the impound area as soon as you arrive at the flying site, and remain there except when flying or testing your aircraft.  Under no conditions should the transmitter be turned on unless the proper frequency control is observed.  Always be sure the frequency you are about to use is clear before flying.  Frequency code(s) must be displayed on the transmitter. Link

      6.   All R/C flying shall be in front of (east of) the flight line and is limited to the runways and open field opposite the runway area.  Do not fly beyond the boundaries of the park.

      7.   Aeromodelers shall yield airspace to full-scale aircraft.

      8.   Parking is allowed only in the parking lot.  Unloading and loading of aircraft at the shelter is allowed, please return your vehicle to the parking area once unloading or loading is finished.

      9.   Spectators must remain in designated areas.


     10.   No starting engines under the shelter or in the parking lot.